There are two optimal times of the year for completing a cleanse; the Spring and the Fall although depending on the cleanse you can certainly do them whenever it works for you in your life.  I’ve been so excited to offer this spring detox cleanse with The Yoga Spa and Yana Yoga in an effort to couple the nutrition piece with the wonderfully necessary yoga piece.

Yoga is naturally a detoxifying activity but when a detox practice is coupled with a proper nutritional plan, the results can only be enhanced.  My goal was to do as much yoga over the course of this 10 day cleanse (3 pre-cleanse days, 4 on the cleanse and 3 post-cleanse days) but each day through the cleanse period.  This is the time to remember all your self-care practices, be kind, nourish and rest appropriately.  For me that means yoga and meditation each morning.

As I’ve received many inquires; here is what my final pre-cleanse day-in-the-life looks like.

6:30am: lemon water

7:30am: 20oz green juice

8:10am: ½ serving slow cooked oatmeal w/almond milk, cinnamon, cardamom, walnuts + maple syrup  

9:30am: purple leaf tulsi tea

12:30pm: a large serving size NO MORE cravings kale salad + my basic lemon vinaigrette

   (I added ½ avo for good measure)

3pm: honey orange tea

See, real food.

I’ve also had 1 ½ liters of water so far today, more to come as well as more tea and a good dinner.  Tomorrow I cleanse and I’m ready!

Although you may not want to complete a full on cleanse, maybe you can find sometime over the next couple weeks to regroup, rethink what you’re doing to care for yourself.  Is it working?

Does it need tweaking, do you need to add some self-care practices?