We slather on sunscreen, apply makeup, lotions, oils and beauty cream of many different kinds but are we looking and examining our skin for signs of diminished health?  An overburdened liver will express itself through skin concerns whether a rash, acne, eczema or psoriasis it is likely your liver that needs a break.  Spring is the season of the liver and gall bladder which is probably why so many are looking to do a cleanse of this or that to detox the liver and the body.  I’ve written about cleansing already here however as many that aren’t well thought out or supportive to the body there are that many that are supportive, nourishing and cleansing.

Signs you may need a liver cleanse this spring;

>  You have been having frequent headaches.

>  Your eyes feel strained unnecessarily.

>  You have joint pain or muscle spasms.

>  You feel restless or in a state of agitation.

>  Your skin is acting up or your hormones are going crazy.

> Lastly and most interesting to me; palpate between your ribs at the top, just under your solar plexus.  If you palpate with your fingers in between and a little to the right and it feels very hard or quite tender, your liver may be toxic.

If you find that you need to clear the toxins, reset your digestion and eliminate waste there is likely a cleanse for you.  You may be at the point where removing caffeine, alcohol, sweets and dairy is it, work on that for a week or so while drinking lots of warm water with lemon, including detoxifying foods like dark leafy greens and getting LOTs of rest.

Or you may be someone who is ready for a juice cleanse or even a partial day juice cleanse drinking juice through mid-day before introducing wholesome clean meals for the remainder of the day.  Like this one by Ashley Pitman of Vixi.com you can do at any time, on your own time.  Or check out Healthy Crush and Jenny’s delicious juice recipes for some inspiration.

For those of you that are local, I’m leading a customized Ayurveda inspired cleanse mid-April that will couple a guided plan with some amazing detox yoga sessions at The Yoga Spa and Yana Yoga.

Stay tuned for more information + happy cleansing !

photo credit: Thea Coughlin Photography