There is so much talk these days about cleansing or fasting even so many different methods and schools of thought, I thought I’d chime in as well.  To me cleanses are mild, gentle ways to clear the body and mind of toxicity.  I’ve actually been doing cleanses since I was seven or eight years old, I just didn’t realize it.  During the hot humid days of summer my mother would have my sister and I pick a fruit, we usually both picked watermelon, and that is what we ate for the day.  We weren’t deprived of food we understood the concept of giving the body a break from digesting a variety of foods and willingly chose to eat fruit for a day.

Some of the cleanses out there can be harsh on the body, much more so than necessary.  Also, the timing needs to be right in your life for an effective cleanse.  When you’re traveling, sick, getting over an illness or just have too much on your plate already, it may not be the right time for a cleanse.  Keep that in mind when deciding if the time is right for you.  Some of these suggestions are very low-key and easy to implement into your daily life though.

  • Enjoy an adrenal cleanse drink from morning until your mid-day meal or if you’re feeling alright continue with the drink right up until dinnertime.  You can get my recipe here and check out my detox post.
  • Spend some time looking at what you eat by eating only whole foods that grow from the earth.  This will ensure you aren’t ingesting anything processed or sugar laden.  You’d be surprised what this can reveal about the actual food you eat.
  • Pick one food to eat throughout the day.  This could be a fruit or vegetable in season of even a batch of homemade vegetable or lentil soup.
  • Enjoy only liquids for the day.  This allows your body a break from chewing and digesting whole foods and can include enough variety that you won’t get bored or tempted to break the fast.  Include lots of water, herbal teas, juices if you like and soups (preferably vegetarian).
  • Go on a silence fast speaking to no one for as long as you can upon waking.  I’ve done this fast before, it is interesting.  It can feel awkward to refrain from speaking to others almost too quiet but I suppose that is the point.  We spend a lot of our time each day connected to our computers, our phones, music playing, kids yelling, etc.  Remaining silent can be both challenging and very satisfying.

If you do choose to fast or cleanse, make sure it feels like something good for your body.  If you’re experiencing excess stress about it or a nagging feeling not to do it, it won’t be a positive experience.  I recently read about someone doing a 10 day juice cleanse which was amazing to me.  The woman noted how she felt each day, the process of making the juices, recipes, etc.  She felt pangs of hunger and discomfort the first couple of days but as the time passed she noted feeling a lightness in her body she hadn’t felt before.  What really captured my attention was when she indicated her creativity soared.  I wanted this feeling, I felt like I needed a cleanse of some kind but I knew it wasn’t an all juice cleanse.  Not now.  I know I’ll complete a juice cleanse sometime soon (though a lot shorter than 10 days to start) but it will be when I’m prepared both mentally and physically and ready to do so.  Listening to your body is key.

I’d love to hear about any other cleanses you have done before or try out.

happy cleansing,