After posting earlier this month about being off balance I received some follow up questions and decided to address them here.  The questions pertained to a Kapha imbalance.  Kapha is governed by the elements of Water and Earth with the qualities moist, heavy, cold, dull, soft, sticky and static.  Kapha is responsible for lubricating joints, storing energy, adding bulk to our tissues, governing love + patience as well as providing stability.  So it isn’t any wonder that if there is an imbalance that some conditions such as lethargy, sinus congestion, water retention, excess phlegm and mucous conditions, attachment and depression can occur.  The stability that is so loved in a Kapha person can quickly turn to unwillingness to change, depression and lethargy when off balance.  So while we are in Kapha season (late Winter-Spring) Kapha individuals will need to take care.  If you feel as if you’re experiencing some of the symptoms indicated this may be you. 

To pacify Kapha here are my top recommendations;  

      Go to bed early and get up early, by 7am and avoid daytime naps.

      Eat a Kapha-balancing diet.  So what does this mean?  There are certain foods and drink that increase Kapha in our bodies which we may not want to do time of year.  Ayurveda recommends eating a light breakfast (or skipping it altogether if you aren’t hungry), eat at regular times during the day and eat a light dinner especially after dark.  Avoid red meat, sweets, wheat products and dairy, these will enhance Kapha leading to an increase of mucous, loss of energy and a scattered mind.       

      Engage in stimulating physical activities like running, walking fast, hiking and a vigorous yoga practice to name a few. 

      Vary your daily routine.  Avoid getting too attached or ‘stuck in a rut’. 

      Deal with unresolved emotions.  Feel them, process, express, discuss and let go.  Find whatever method works for you because holding onto them isn’t serving you.  Some find that physical exercise is helpful, meditating or even writing can be therapeutic.

      Surround yourself with bright vibrant colors like red, orange, purple and gold.  This could be in your home, your foods or your clothing.    

 You can get through this season without the usual ailments or illnesses, it may be as simple as making some lifestyle and dietary changes.  Give it a try and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have. 

yours, amber