As a hearty fall – winter vegetable there are a lot of squash around these days.  I’m continually trying to eat what is in season so I’ve been noticing this.  I’ve also noticed the kabocha squash, one I’ve never tried, and wondered why.  It looks like a small dark green pumpkin, is said to have sweeter flesh than other squash and is Japanese.  I took a look for a recipe that interested me and decided to combine two flavors that looked yummy.

what you will need

1 kabocha squash

1T brown sugar

2T balsamic vinegar

1T olive oil

salt + pepper

After cutting the squash into quarters, remove the seeds and pulp.  (save seeds if you want to roast)

Mix together remaining ingredients above and pour equally into the quartered pieces.

Using a basting brush, brush mixture around to coat the entire piece, the excess will pool into the middle.

Cover with aluminum foil and back at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

I have to confess that since I saw this recipe on Healthy Crush I’ve been wanting to make it adding the squash.  I’ve been making the quinoa egg bowl and loving how filling and good it is with a variety of other veggies.  My latest has been red pepper + onion quinoa, a hard-boiled egg  and leftover broccoli with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.  Today, the kabocha is done just in time to make an addition.

Give it a try.  So warm, nourishing and grounding.