I’ve learned from Ayurveda that basil is known as a miracle herb.  Established as an anti-viral herb many homes in India will grow the plants around their entryway not only to help keep sicknesses at bay but as a sign of hospitality.  Basil is good for breaking down triglycerides, it is high in beta carotene, a viable remedy for indigestion and is useful for both high and low blood pressure.  Aside from keeping virus away it is also a natural defense against unnecessary stress hormones affecting the body.  To get the best results drink a cup of basil tea or nosh on some fresh basil leaves.  All of this goodness from one little herb and the most interesting benefit of basil is its ability to aid in respiratory issues and act as a decongestant.  When studying Ayurveda I was feverishly taking down so many homemade concoctions and tinctures for home health remedies from my teacher.  To eliminate that nagging/gagging post nasal discharge and sinus congestion mix a few drops of basil oil in water and gargle.  And of course adding basil to your salads, soups and various recipes this cold and flu season could prove to be very beneficial.