As we move into January away from the exciting holiday time and closer toward the colder darker days of winter some of us may be moving slower and feeling a bit more sluggish.  We all experience days when we feel more inclined to stay home, relax, opt out of exercising and going out with friends but how often we feel like this is something you will want to be aware of throughout the next few months.  I’m usually all for listening to your body, taking cues on what you need and taking appropriate action, or inaction but if you find you’re hibernating more and not going about your typical day more often than usual you may be experiencing a Kapha imbalance.  Kapha is what keeps us grounded, stable, attached with feelings of compassion and understanding.  However like anything else too much of a good thing can throw us off our game.  As we enter Kapha season this can easily occur but here are some guidelines to help.                


Guidelines for balancing Kapha are;

  • ·         Keep active, getting plenty of exercise
  • ·         Vary your routine occasionally
  • ·         Avoid heavy foods
  • ·         Avoid dairy products
  • ·         Avoid fatty/oily foods
  • ·         Eat light, dry foods
  • ·         Get enough sleep