For the past few years I’ve been making a bar cookie of sorts for friends and family as a little extra with their gift.  The ingredients are very simple and affordable,  the recipe is very very easy and quick but they are not very healthy.  Not healthy at all.

This idea troubled me last year but without taste testing some healthier versions I didn’t want to give them as gifts.  This year I decided to test out some delicious looking cookies made with more wholesome ingredients.  The first is a Chocolate Nut Butter Bar I found on Veggie Kids.  It happens to be vegan and wheatfree (depending on the cereal used) and sweetened only with brown rice syrup and maple syrup.


3C crushed cereal

1/2c almond butter

1/2c peanut butter

1/2c brown rice syrup

1/4c maple syrup or agave nectar

1c dark chocolate

1T almond, soy, rice or hemp milk


In a medium saucepan, melt nut butters, brown rice syrup and pure maple syrup (or agave) over low heat, stirring frequently.  Add crushed cereal and mix well.  Spray a 8×8 pan with cooking spray and pour the cereal mixture in.  Press down evenly.   In a small saucepan melt chocolate and milk over low heat, stirring constantly.   (I added another T of milk to the chocolate to lighten the mixture a bit)  Once melted and smooth, pour over the bars and spread evenly.

Cool in the fridge until firm, slice into bars.

The bars were very good though way too sweet for me.  I think with only half the brown rice syrup would have been perfect but the other taste testers liked them as is.