One of our favorite snack items in the house lately has been the wonderfully juicy pomegranate.  And why not?  According to several sources pomegranate season in the US is from October through January,  so they are in all the stores and I’ve seen several posts on recipes including them.  Typically eating with and for the season is the healthiest and most nourishing for our bodies so it makes perfect sense that this delicious fruit tastes so good.

In researching the health benefits, I was shocked to see just how beneficial the pomegranate can be for our health.  Whether juicing the arils (the seeds), adding them to dishes and salads or just eating on their own you can’t go wrong.  Check out what I discovered this amazing fruit can do for you;

  • lowers high blood pressure
  • increases immunity with all the antioxidants packed in
  • protects arteries from calcification
  • improves symptoms of menopause; hot flashes, mood swings and bone loss
  • prevention of osteoarthritis, leukemia, breast cancer and prostate cancer
  • prevents and slows Alzheimer’s disease
  • reduces cholesterol

This list is impressive at best and seemingly endless.  If you haven’t been consuming these beauties, let this be the motivation needed to do so.  And to help you out, one of my favorite blogs, Clean and Delicious by Dani Spies has a great how to video on acquiring the pomegranate arils with the least amount of resistance and mess.  Check it out here.

enjoy, Amber