Ayurveda teaches that in order to live, eat and drink in a balanced state, we need to have healthy Agni, which is our digestive fire, our metabolism.  Some doshas have a tendency toward good strong Agni while others do not.  When our Agni is strong we use the most nourishing portion of the food effectively and eliminate the rest as waste.  When our Agni is weak we don’t use the food properly or in full and we don’t eliminate completely as well.  The result is a residue of sorts that could remain and create toxicity.

Some easy steps to ensuring a strong healthy Agni are;

– Eat with a peaceful mind. If our mind is focused elsewhere like, eating lunch while working we are not present or aware of what we are putting in our bodies and that realization is half of digestion.

– Add spices.  Some everyday spices can be used to increase internal heat.  Ginger and garlic are most effective and good for all doshas.

Have less water.  Just with your meals.  Some water may be necessary, but too much will put out the digestive fire.

Avoid cold food and drinks.  They will douse the fire.

(steps care of HeyMonicaB)