As previously posted here, what we put on our skin is as important if not more so than what we put into our bodies. As indicated, I ordered these beautiful products you should see to the right, about a week or so ago. When they arrived, I was so excited and eager to get going.

I remembered from the informative webinar by Judy Godec that carrier oils are infused nuts and kernels so they can go rancid quickly and should be refrigerated. So, I put the rosehip seed oil right in the frig and ran up to the bathroom with my other goodies. Now the night I listened to this webinar I think I took 5 pages of notes, so I received a lot of information but I was pretty certain the helichrysum blend that I bought was to be applied directly to the skin.

This was indicated as the top essential oil recommended if only one were to be purchased, so of course I got this one. It is a blend of 4 varying helichrysum flowers known for its cell regenerating capabilities and collagen building as well as the ability to eliminate free radical damage. The helichrysum is known as a miracle oil. Wow. It is not only calming to the skin but rejuvenating as well.

Without thinking I shook out several drops into my hands rubbed them together and applied directly to my face. Immediately I noticed the very strong sensation in my eyes and nose so I looked at the bottle and read ‘do not ingest and do not apply directly to the skin.’ Uh oh. What was I thinking, I know better. So, I quickly patted my face with a cool washcloth then got online to see what I should do since I started to feel a prickly burning sensation. After some research I applied some olive oil to a cotton ball and then my face which did the trick.

By the next morning it was as if it hadn’t happen at all. I was lucky since I tend to have sensitive skin easily irritated. Anyway, since that night I’ve been reluctant to try again even with the correct formula of essential:carrier oil. In the meantime I was reading about someone who was using only organic jojoba oil on her face in the evening (after cleansing) and she was really happy with the results. I’ve decided to give it a try as well and although it has only been four days or so my skin is nice and smooth, feeling very well hydrated too.

So, lessons learned. Read first, then apply. I’ll post again when I go with an all oil skin care regime and I’ve got a couple of great mask and scrub recipes that I can’t wait to try.

stay tuned.