I’ve had this thought, idea, dream if you will in the back of my mind.  Yea, that’s what I want someday.  I’ll look into it and pursue it someday.  When I was confronted with the idea of some one beating me to the punch I panicked a little bit.  I began to spin my wheels pursuing this someday idea that I wasn’t quite ready for or at least I didn’t feel ready.  The idea was that I’d have time to prepare, absorb, research, sleep and meditate on it.  When it became clear that those options might not exist I began working outside my comfort zone, abandoning that inner voice of wisdom.  Caught up in the excitement of the event it took me sometime to realize that maybe this someday I dreamed of was no longer entirely what I wanted, my priorities shifted.

When we take the time to quiet the mind, then we can really hear what is right for us.

with love,