‘Everything we put in or on our bodies is medicine’ Judy Godec of Venus + Vetiver.  This is how the webinar on Aromatherapy Secrets for Radiant Skin began the other evening.  Just as we need fresh, chemical free whole foods to nourish us our bodies also need fresh chemical free ingredients in our skin care.  So many of the products out there today from bath soap, shampoo, lotions and skin creams are full of chemicals and preservatives that end up entering our blood stream quicker than if we ate them.    One of my favorite quotes is from Kris Carr, ‘if you wouldn’t drink the bottle of drugstore moisturizer, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.’  This is so true .

So, what can we do to restore radiance to our skin?  Some simple steps may be a great start for you;

  • If you’re smoking, STOP NOW.  Not a friend to your body, but will wreck + age your skin.
  • Fill your body with unprocessed, organic, real food.
  • Drink water, lots of it.  The more hydrated we are, the healthier our skin will be.  So easy !
  • Wash your face with essential oils and carrier oils.I plan to try an all oil cleansing week with my skin and will report the results.  I’ve ordered some wonderful products from Floracopeia to experiment with and I’ll share the goods.

Judy indicates that the cell regeneration capabilities, skin balancing for dry, oily and combination skin as well as the stimulating and healing properties of the botanicals used in essential oils are truly amazing.  I’ve been using oils on my body for the past few weeks and although they feel great and seem to work well on my body I was apprehensive about applying to my face.  After completing the lecture with Judy, I was convinced enough to give it a shot.

Give these steps a try, even if you choose one like increasing your water intake.  Give it a set amount of time and then re-evaluate, you won’t be sorry and the time it takes to drink water will be negligible.

:) amber