As we move through this month approaching the Thanksgiving holiday and the quick pace that accompanies this time of year, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you of a few things. Stress does more damage than you can even imagine. We all know that remaining in a stressed state for too long is not ideal, but I don’t think we all realize when we’re in one and for how long. Stress will literally accelerate your life and who needs that?

Try to keep the healthy habits in your life even as your schedule tightens or incorporate one or two to make a difference in how you feel.  My top three;

> Exercise

Usually the first I try to convince myself I need to give up when there is extra going on but the one that

is likely most crucial not to.  Exercising releases serotonins that make us feel good, it controls our

hormones from acting up and typically help motivate us to eat well.


> Meditate

This may mean different things to different people but it can be whatever moves you.  Simply spending

15-20 minutes each day (or more) by yourself in a quiet state.  This may be journal writing in the

morning, going for a walk, sitting quietly or listening to soothing music.  Stillness breeds stillness.


> Eat well to feel well.

Basically by keeping the caffeine and alcohol intact to a minimum, eliminating white flours and sugars

and incorporating many vegetables into your diet throughout the day, you’ll be eating well enough.

Not going too long between meals or snacks will keep your blood sugar level steady and eliminate the

‘crashing’ that we sometimes feel.  This will in turn reduce the cravings we all feel from time to time and

feelings of fatigue.


Whatever you’re going through, what ways have you found that work for you?  Let me know in the comments.

breathe deeply,