There has been a lot more attention paid to the raw food movement as of late than I’ve noticed in the past.  Perhaps we can thank Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Life movement and more recently the release of her Crazy Sexy Diet book.  Another notable author is Kimberly Snyder introduced to me by a friend.  When I purchased her Beauty Detox Solution book I knew I had found a kindred spirit.  Ayurveda believes that when we are balanced, not too acidic and proportionately alkaline we have reached a perfectly healthy state.  This state will keep us from getting acutely ill or acquiring lifestyle diseases.

I do believe that a raw foods or living foods diet would not be ideal for every individual depending on their own unique constitution.  As such I took the opportunity to attend a lecture on the Nutritional Keys to Rejuvenation + Longevity: Living Foods.  The instructor immediately drew me in as he came from an Ayurveda background, having the class determine their dosha (constitution) prior to beginning.  He explained that a raw or live food diet simply  means that a greater percentage (75-100%) of your diet consists of food that has not been cooked or heated above 118 degrees.  The practice of not cooking/heating the food is that it remains in it’s most natural state and retains most of it’s natural nutrients.  However how much raw foods we can tolerate and still ingest healthy amounts of protein, fats, etc depends on a couple factors.

Our body type or constitution is one as well as our environment.  Those of us that live in the great Northeast and experience the seasonal changes will need to be more cautious depending on our body types.  Some of us need heating elements to our diet and lifestyle in order to be balanced properly, especially during the harsh winter months .  Also, what will your protein sources be and will you be able to get enough into your diet?  Lastly, are you able to get enough good fat into your diet? Without enough fat your cholesterol can drop below a healthy range inhibiting your production of certain hormones and healthy brain function.

If you are thinking about going raw, even a percentage of your diet, I suggest you research it in detail.  Some great sources of protein and good omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are;  hemp seeds and protein, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  These are all compatible for all three doshas or body types as Ayurveda outlines.

I’ll be covering more raw food tips in posts to come.  Until then, please comment if you have any specific interests or concerns you’d like me to address.

enjoy, amber