Anyone that has had the opportunity to take a class with Elex can attest that she is one of the most inspiring, motivating, real people around. As an instructor she challenges the best in you, asking you to dig deep and find it all the while encouraging and reminding that you’re perfect just as you are in this moment.

What resonates with me the strongest from her instruction is that what we tell ourselves, the mind chatter that is a continuous part of our daily lives can either create strength or be a tool to destroy. She challenges us to remember this while holding in a pose just a little bit longer, or while going into a trying balance pose. Are we going to give up and tell ourselves we can’t at first attempt? Or are we going to hold steady, remain longer, fall out and return telling ourselves ‘yes, this time.’ What we bring to our mat during our 75 minute yoga practice is likely what we bring into our daily lives out in the world. Elex inspires positive chatter and reminds us that we can both on and off the mat.

I was blessed to find Elex as a teacher and a friend and I know she will continue to touch lives and inspire as she brings her instruction to others. I was thrilled when she agreed to a little Q+A interview with me to share with you, to get to know her better.

How long has yoga been a part of your life?

Since 1999, after my father passed away.

What does yoga mean to you? Personally?

It means my ability to stay sane in this crazy world! Yoga keeps me grounded, allows me to find gratitude, acceptance and peace. It solidifies my faith in God. Yoga taught me that God is in me, as me… this is a very powerful acknowledgement.

Who has influenced your yoga practice the most?

My students.

What do you hope others will get from your class or practicing with you?

Inner peace and acceptance of yourself, as you are.

You mentioned on your website, that you continually remind yourself to be grateful for gifts in your life, that is how you manage working, caring for your children, etc. What would you suggest to someone who doesn’t know how to do this?
Where to begin?

Begin by taking just 5 minutes each day to lay in a quiet place and start to focus on the breath. Even if this is right as you lay
to go to bed…

As you breathe in, say to yourself, I breathe in goodness.

As you exhale, say to yourself, I exhale out judgment.
Continue this, changing what you breathe in and out:

Breathe in Peace, exhale Anxiety,

Breathe in Happiness, exhale Sadness,

Breathe in Gratitude, exhale Expectations

Breathe in Acceptance, exhale Worry.

Lastly, say a prayer to your Divine Power: it can be short and simple, “Thank you for
this day.”

Over time, you will begin to use this as you feel overwhelmed; you’ll recognize this as a tool to
manage stress. Then, as you begin to manage stress, you will feel better and the possibilities to begin an asana
practice will reveal themselves to you.

Lastly, what is your favorite yoga pose? Why?

Savasana; because after my practice, as I come to a rest position with a depleted physical body,
I am in the present moment and completely at peace.

Elex can be found teaching at No Limits Yoga in Voorheesville, NY or for more information you can check out her website;