I’ve been keeping this tea or drink I suppose that I found in my back pocket not really too tempted to try it because I saw it listed as a weight loss tea.  When I looked at it further I noticed it is used to stimulate digestion and aid the body in digesting fats and de-toxing the blood.  When you’ve indulged a little too much with rich fatty foods or upon waking with that heavy feeling in your stomach, give this a try.


After eating foods I typically don’t this weekend, I’ve been feeling off.  I tried the tea this morning and found the apple cider vinegar actually very appealing. The sweetness from the honey and lemon flavor was enough to make the tea very palatable. Within a half hour of sipping I was feeling a warm tingly sensation and better and better since.


lemon + spice tea


1 c warm water

¼ lemon

1t honey

1/8t apple cider vinegar


Add to a cup, stir and enjoy while warm.


**the original recipe called for 1/16t cayenne pepper which I didn’t have this morning but will try another time.

     I’ll report the results then.