Last night I had the opportunity to listen in on a free teleconference which reminded me of some very important points I thought I’d share.  The body uses a great deal of energy in the digestion process, in fact it takes a lot of blood for adequate digestion to occur.  This is why you’re encouraged not to eat too close to bed time as your body will be busy digesting your food instead of getting a good rest.

This concept is the same when you’re sick with a cold, fever or just feeling run down.  Eating foods that are easier to digest such as rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, soups, fish or chicken and lentils are all examples.  Soups are actually very healing.  Because they are cooked, soft, warm and hydrating they are not only easiest for the body to digest when you’re under the weather or feeling great but they’re easy as well.  Other benefits are the variety of soup concoctions out there and they keep and reheat well.

Try to remember this the next time you’re under a lot of stress, feeling run down or you’re ill.  Next up I’ll be posting a few recipes following this thought process.  So, lighten up on the fatty, heavy foods and give your belly a break.