As indicated in my post last week, Happy Fall, I’m offering some recipes to ease our bodies as we transition into Fall.  Also, I’m always looking for a new healthy delicious snack or meal.  I decided to try the almond milk chai smoothie I found on the Joyful Belly website because I  had all the ingredients on hand at home already and I’m really into the cinnamon, maple syrup, cardamom combination.

The combo has been a favorite in my oatmeal lately (along with almond milk and some walnuts) and the cinnamon, cardamom and ginger all aid digestion, stimulate circulation, are warming and help clear the GI tract.  The warming of the cinnamon and almond milk were the perfect addition today.

   I realized that I forgot the fresh ginger but everything else was already in the pot, so I decided to give it a try without.  I did find a bit of separation happening from the ghee and likely could have made it with only 1 tsp, which I may try next time.  Also, I only had sweetened almond milk so it was sweet.

my almond chai recipe

2t ghee, 1/4t cinnamon, 1/4t cardamom, 1/8t nutmeg, 1T maple syrup + 1c almond milk

Bring to a boil and serve.