One of the best parts of living in the Northeast is the
crisp beautiful Fall season,

full of gorgeous
colors and delicious fruits and vegetables coming into season.

As we officially enter this new season of Fall, I thought
it would be a good time

to check in with what the season brings and how it may
affect us individually.

Fall is Vata season.
Just like Vata dosha, Fall is constantly in motion, restless, irregular.

The weather is sunny, hot + humid one day and briskly
cool and gray the next

which can increase
these feelings of irregularity in us especially those that are

Vata dominant.  What
Vata dosha individuals need the most at this time of the

year is usually what they desperately run from, routine.  It just isn’t usually a

natural tendency for Vatas to have a set routine or structure.

However as Ayurveda teaches ‘like increases like’.  So the more unstructured

and ever-changing you are the more you will feel and
experience disconnectedness.

Ayurveda suggests the following as we enter Fall to
pacify Vata throughout the season;

*  Stick to a routine.  Get up about the same time and go to bed at
the same time each night.

*  Increase warm, nourishing foods into your
diet.  It will be very important to have

strengthening, and warm foods at this time.  Look
for a couple recipes coming up next week.

*  Add some of the following warming spices to
your diet or teas; basil, thyme,

ginger, cardamom and cinnamon.

*  Nurture your skin.  As the weather changes and becomes cooler the
skin loses moisture.

A quick full body massage with sesame,
almond or jojoba oil before your shower should help

keep your skin soft and supple.

If you’d like to read more about Ayurveda for the season,
check out this great article

written by John
Joseph Immel from Joyful Belly.