Many of us tend to experience what we know or think to be Spring allergies but what is interesting is that the tree count and pollen in the air can actually be lower than at other times of the year.  I recently had the opportunity to listen in on a conference call lecture performed by Joseph John Immel of Joyful Belly which helped clear this misconception.  

As we enter the early Spring season we are, according to Ayurveda,  entering Kapha season.  As such, along with the change of season and other factors within us individually, we may be experiencing a Kapha imbalance and not allergies.    For those of you that are new to Ayurveda, check back to the Ayurveda page shortly…as it is currently being updated, but will fully explain what Ayurveda is and what the doshas (your constitution) are and represent. 

In the meantime, are you feeling more tired or lethargic even though you are not particularly active?  Do you feel more congested lately?  Do you become out of breath easier even when telling a story?  If so, these are all symptoms  of a Kapha imbalance and easily remedied.

Try eliminating red meat, wheat products and dairy for the time being.  This will help your blood thin out increasing your circulation and assisting with these symptoms.  Start your day with some ginger tea, add cinnamon to your breakfast oatmeal and increase your intake of dark leafy greens.  Also, increasing diuretic vegetables such as asparagus, parsley, celery and dandelion will quicken the process.  

 Trying even one suggestion may help you get through the Spring sniffles easier.  Happy Spring !