Today I finally made it to Strala Yoga in NYC.  I’ve been wanting to practice there for many months now but like everything in life, the timing wasn’t right.  Today Ashley Albrand was conducting a workshop on inversions, hand stands and ‘melting your heart’.  I love that she began the workshop by telling us that she recently learned Anusara yoga and the changes it has brought to her practice.  A few weeks ago I too was introduced to Anusara so I understood her awe and increased body awareness when practicing, learning a few key Anusara yoga moves has made all the difference.

Ashley continually reminded us today throughout the 2.5 hour workshop to ‘melt our heart’, she would cue  us to roll the shoulder heads back and down causing our shoulder blades to slide together and hug our heart.  Much of the strength needed to press into a hand stand comes from the core and groin muscle but if the shoulders are not aligned properly your stability will be off.  As in life, we may have the strength and knowledge needed but if something inside is off or out of alignment we could fall.