I had the opportunity to attend a great therapeutic yoga workshop last week.  We studied low back injuries, proper alignment and how to strengthen the back.  The second day the focus shifted to the shoulders and upper back.  As she started the day, the instructor stated that the shoulders directly correlate to the feelings in the heart. 

She explained that as we progress through life, we are hurt, disappointed, betrayed and we naturally retract to protect ourselves, our heart.  Instinctively, if we’re not aware of it we will round the shoulders forward, pulling the chest and our heart inward.  I found this idea both compelling and so sad. 

We pull inward closing off our heart out of protection but then we miss opportunities to share our heart, to love. 

We learned ways to realign the shoulders, strengthen the shoulder blades as well as open the heart….all equally important to healthy living.  Stretching sideways gaining length in the side of the body, turning the chest upward breathing light within and rolling the head of the shoulders back and down.

Feel yourself opening up, feeling lighter, taller. Ready to love.