Ok, I’m feeling a little tease and hint that Spring will come again this year.  Today is a beautifully sunny day in the great North East, the days seem to be lasting longer and longer and I even hear some birds chirping in the morning.  At this time while we’re on the cusp from Winter to Spring it is a great time to do a liver detox.

You will see and hear about many detox plans or cleanses on the market, this isn’t the same idea.  The intent isn’t to rob your body but to give your liver a break, a deep clean of sorts to work better for you. 

A favorite of mine I learned in class and one that is appropriate for all dosha types is what I call my Mint Drink.   Every couple of weeks I will start the day drinking this and if my workout schedule and schedule in general allows it drink only this until lunch time.  So, I am usually doubling or tripling this recipe but the following is a 1 quart recipe; 

detox mint drink recipe

16 oz of water 

1t fresh lemon juice

1t real maple syrup

1t chopped mint leaves

pinch of salt

pinch of cardamom

All of the ingredients are easily accessible at your local grocery store or market and contain such great health benefits.  A few benefits besides cleansing the liver are;

  • mint promotes digestion and enhances liver health, it soothes the stomach and reduces inflammation
  • cardamom is an active stimulant, diuretic agent and useful in liver disorders
  • maple syrup contains maganese and zinc; natural antioxidants for your immune system

 Let me know what you think.  And remember, if you try it drink lots of  warm water the rest of the day and go vegetarian if you can.  Give the body a break from digesting meat, see how good you feel.

love & healthiness