starve a cold? or is it the other way around?  We’ve all heard the saying, but which is it? Typically when running a fever we don’t have much of an appetite, which I think  is the body’s miraculous way of ensuring we don’t sabotage its healing.  Ayurveda teaches that as your body is fighting an illness we should be supplying lots of water, tea and very easy to digest foods to aid in the fight.  I mean how can we possibly expect to fight the illness while over taxing our digestive systems causing more work for our bodies?

So, I don’t think we necessarily want to starve a fever but we do want to cautiously monitor and select the foods we eat while battling one.  If you find yourself in this situation consider going vegetarian for the day.  Some lentil soup, rice and broth, calming peppermint or chamomile tea and lots of water will keep you hydrated and nourished yet allow your body to concentrate on getting better. 

stay well.