So a couple weeks ago I had a super exciting meeting. ok, maybe not so much a meeting  
and more like coffee with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. 
A friend I wanted to catch up with but being a business owner, I planned to pick her
brain a little bit as well.  She asked a simple question, one I’ve been asked a lot lately,
“what do you want to do with this, when you’re done?’ 
And instinctively I answered….”well, I want to do nutritional counseling but I really want to write as well”. 

I don’t think I even realized it at the time, but actually saying it out loud solidified the fact that I feel this pull
to share the information I’ve learned and have become so passionate about.  Despite insecurities about
my writing and battling that voice that says it isn’t good enough, it feels right.  Where it will go and how it
will be received is all yet to be determined but I can say that I’ll be doing some features for that friend in the near
future.  She is wonderful, a very talented artist and photographer with many exciting plans on the horizon.  (more to come)
I’m thrilled for this chance to commiserate and collaborate with her. 
thank you, thea.