you know those cravings, the ones that have you going back out for something specific?
or going way out of your way for that good chocolate from that place across town? 
figuring out what those cravings mean, will help you better understand how to pacify them
in the healthiest way possible for your body.

ayurveda believes that each of those cravings, whether for sweet, salty or sour foods
are all connected to our emotions. understanding which emotion needs tending could
eliminate that craving all together. 

for example, when you’re craving salty foods ayurveda teaches it is because you are
really just bored and lacking water.  increasing your water intake and finding another option
than a bag of chips will prevent continual cravings.  the more you feed your body salt, 
the more you crave it.

another popular one is that 3-4pm sugar craving. 
whether it is for chocolate, cookies, cake or candy you don’t have to feel it.  of course, 
adding something sweet doesn’t have to mean you eat poor quality food. but starting your
day with a bowl of slow cooked oatmeal will be the perfect balance. 
the early day addition helps control blood glucose levels as well as slows the digestive
process…..keeping you satisfied and full longer.  and that longing for sugar later in the day, gone.