Many know how delicious this fruit is, the avocado, but few know just how truly
good it is for you.  Ayurveda believes that the avocado can provide some amazing
benefits.  Not only is the avocado high in fiber and B vitamins it is very high in
potassium, 60% more so than the banana.  No matter what your dosha/constitution
or body type the avocado is for you.  Moderation is always the key but please, indulge. 

Avocados not only lower cholesterol but a little eaten before meals will curb hunger
reducing the amount of food you ultimately intake, if that is a concern.  Sliced over
salads, on sandwiches, mashed into delicious dips or blended into spreads and
dressings, the ways to use avocado are great.   

And when you’ve had enough and don’t know what to do with that other half, mash it,
mix it and apply for a variety of common ailments such as dry cracked heels, cold
sores and as a simple natural face mask.

Enjoy !