i recently attended a conference, one which I didn’t really have the time for the day it
took place.  but, isn’t that always the way?   I soon discovered the message intended for me.
the speaker reminded us of the power in seeing what we want and saying what we want.
write it down, say it aloud, think it, tell people and look at pictures of it (if tangible, of course).
just like athletes are told to see themselves successfully completing the race or carrying out
the play, anyone that has a goal or goals should be doing the same.
that message was huge for me that day.  i needed it. 
it forced me to think about what i truly wanted both professionally and personally.  it inspired
me and lit a spark that was in danger of dimming.  it reminded me that what you choose to
surround yourself with/spend your time with/give energy too will directly impact you in either
a negative or positive way.  and finally, it motivated me to create my own 150 list.